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Top 7 Reasons to VOTE NO on Proposal 1 on May 5th!

1. Proposal 1 is the largest tax increase in Michigan in the last 50 years - a $2 billion dollar tax increase...every year...forever.

2. Proposal 1 "repeals" the gas tax on gas and diesel by replacing it with a "wholesale" tax that increases the cost of fuel for our cars and trucks by 10 to 12 cents per gallon! Some "repeal".

3. We have all been told by Prop 1 supporters (and their TV ads and mail) that our safety and our children's safety is at risk...right now. So why under Proposal 1 is less than 25% of the $2 billion going to be spent to fix our roads the first year? Has anyone heard any answer to that concern that makes sense? Nope.

4. A state sales tax, even with exemptions on food and medication, is a regressive tax that places the burden on those who can least afford it (students, seniors, those on fixed incomes, etc.). Prop 1 would increase this tax burden by almost 17%. And, economists say, many people qualifying for the supposed Earned Income Tax Credit may still see a tax increase based on their spending habits.

5. For all the talk of guarantees, there is not one guarantee in the proposal that insures our roads will be made better, stronger, or last longer. And, there is no guarantee that monies for schools will make it directly to the classroom not monies for local governments will make it directly to police and fire.

6. The Proposal 1 supporters tell you that, in year 3 - not initially - that $1.2 billion will be spent on "TRANSPORTATION." Note the distinction - they are NOT saying the roads. That is because this year, for example, the Michigan Transportation Fund is only expending 79% of our dollars on road repair and maintenance. Yep - the roads NEVER get the $1.2 billion each year we are all told is needed to fix them.

7. They don't count your Facebook posts, emails, yard signs or attendance at rally's and town halls...ALL THAT COUNTS is your vote!! On MAY 5th - vote NO on Proposal 1!

Want more information? Go to the webpage: http://SayNoToHigherTaxes.org

"Ssshhh!" Vote No on Proposal 1

Off the Record OVERTIME | Paul Mitchell | 2/6/15 | WKAR PBS | Published on Feb 6, 2015

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